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Choose your pricing plan

  • BoardMeAI Free

    Chatbot option for Customer Support
    Valid for one month
    • 5 customers request forms / months
    • 25 conversations / month
    • Limited reports
  • Most Popular

    BoardMeAI Pro

    Every month
    Chatbot options for Law Consultant, Customer Support, Beauty Specialist
    Valid for 12 months+ 1 day free trial
    • 100 customer request forms / month
    • 500 conversations / month
    • Customizable Chatbot Interface
    • Detailed Insights & Reports
    • Historical Chat Conversations


BoardmeAI is a customizable artificial intelligence chatbot platform for your company. You can provide live support and create sales opportunities with all your customers on digital channels thanks to BoardmeAI.

Large Language Model

Document-based question answering

Web Based Application

Iframe, widget and Wordpress Integrations

Customer Appointment Organization

Chat Insights & Reports

Large Language Model

BoardmeAI uses the latest productive AI technologies to deliver a seamless experience for your customers. It welcomes and supports your customers 24/7.

Web Based Application

You can access the BoardmeAI application from all browsers and your mobile device. The interfaces are mobile compatible and both you and your customers can use it easily.

Customer Appointment Organization

You can customize your BoardmeAI application to set up appointments with your customers or direct them to your request form. You can also customize the visual design of the chat interfaces.

Document based question answering

Boardmeai is a pre-trained LLM. It communicates with your customers in line with your permissions and speaks to you in line with your configuration and documents.

Advanced Tech

You can embed BoardmeAI on your website as an iframe, add it as a widget, or simply share it as a link on your social media accounts.

Chat Insights & Reports

You can get detailed analysis reports of your customers' conversations with your chatbot, and make improvements to your products and services by making predictions about your customers' demands.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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